It is sometimes a challenge to see why our story is not winning those competitions or catching the agent’s eye.

Often, the more we read it, the more difficult it is to look at our own writing objectively. I read your work with a fresh eye and offer a sensitive, honest critique which covers the positive aspects of your story, as well as identifying any weaknesses, and making suggestions for ways to improve it.

Handing over your creative writing for someone else’s opinion can be a nerve wracking step, so you should decide before you do so what it is you actually want to hear. Well meaning family members and friends can tend towards blind praise and compliments, which is encouraging to hear, but not necessarily constructive for your development as a writer.

I enjoy building up a rapport with the writers I work with, gaining an understanding of their style and how they like to work. My own style is friendly, encouraging and sensitive, and my feedback clear and concise. If your instinct is to take your work to the next level by inviting knowledgeable, impartial feedback, come to me!

Suzie Dean has been of enormous help and guidance to me with her critiquing. Thanks to her expertise I am to be published in a collection of short stories later this year.
— Nettie Firman

What’s included

Your Critique will be sent to you by email as an attachment in word.doc format and cover the following:

  • A general overview of the story, its theme and the main character(s).

Separate headings will cover:

  • Dialogue
  • Conflict
  • Suspense
  • Ending
  • The opening paragraph
  • Plot and structure
  • Setting
  • Characterisation
  • Voice

Finally, there will be a concluding paragraph giving my overall impression of the work.


Remove everything that has no relevance to the story. If in the first chapter there is a rifle hanging on the wall, then in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off. “

Anton Chekhov