Frequently Asked Questions

Will my work be seen by anyone else?

No. I am the only person who will read your work. All correspondence with my clients and the content of their manuscripts will remain private and confidential.

What happens if you lose or damage my manuscript?

Your manuscript will be kept safely in its own file with your name and contact details on it. However, it is always sensible to keep a copy at home, just in case it gets lost or damaged in the post.

How long will it take to critique my manuscript?

I aim to return your work within two weeks. At busy times this could be longer, but I will always let you know if that is the case.

Can I resend the same manuscript after I have made changes to it?

Of course! I am always delighted to see how a story is progressing. I like to gain the trust and confidence of my clients by building a rapport with them and understanding their style of writing. But please note that each time you send me your work it will be subject to the usual fees.

What if I don’t like or disagree with your suggestions?

It goes without saying that you are under no obligation to carry out the changes I suggest. We all have different views and ideas on what works. However, the suggestions I make are not simply personal views. Rather they are based on well founded methods and techniques taught in creative writing classes and found in ‘how to’ books. I do not criticise, I make suggestions and the choice to follow them through is always yours.

Can I send my manuscript from overseas?

Of course. While I am based in the UK and a native English speaker, I am delighted to work with English speaking writers from all over the world.

Do you make changes to grammar and spelling?

I do not offer a proof reading/editing service. However, I might suggest certain changes to grammar or punctuation if I think it will enhance a sentence and make for a smoother read.

What types of manuscripts do you critique?

I welcome all proposals to critique pieces of creative writing. I invite you to share your brief with me even if I have not mentioned your particular genre here on my website.

The areas I cover include:

  • Novels, novellas, and short stories
  • General nonfiction (biography, memoir & journaling, self-help, crafts, gardening, etc.)
  • Magazine articles

Nb. My service is not appropriate for specialist academic work, and I also do not usually accept poetry for critique.