Sensitive structured advice on how to improve your short stories and novels

Writing can be a lonely business so impartial mentoring and support, together with some expert advice, can go a long way to increase your confidence and spur you on to keep at it.


Seasoned Writer

As a seasoned writer you will already know how useful expert feedback is - especially in the early stages of writing a novel. Have you got the viewpoint right? Is the pace and structure on track? There is nothing worse than spending weeks and weeks writing, only to realise you’ve made a fundamental mistake at the beginning and will have to spend yet more time editing and re-writing. A manuscript critique in the early stages, ie. the first three chapters of your novel, in conjunction with your synopsis, is an invaluable way to set you on the right track so that you can continue writing with confidence.


If you are new to short story or novel writing, a critique of your work can offer the chance for real development. It will highlight where you are getting it just right - always a nice thing to hear - and where and how improvements can be made. Making mistakes is okay; in fact it’s a positive part of learning a new skill and often the very best way to improve. The most important lesson all writers must learn in order to be successful is to be bold enough to cut, cut, cut! A good manuscript critique will help you polish your characterisation, refine your dialogue, sharpen your plot and much more.


Suzie Dean

I love writing! I began twenty five years ago after attending creative writing courses at Oaklands College, St. Albans and Berkhamstead and have been scribbling ideas in note books, writing short stories and slaving over novels ever since.

Thank you Suzie! Your critique of The Prosperous Beggar has taught me to view my writing with a new perspective and to recognise where changes must be made.
— Anon.

My Approach

Handing over your writing for someone else to read can be a nerve wracking business and you should know before you do so what it is you actually want to hear. If it’s knowledgable, detailed and constructive advice about how to improve your story, come to me.